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In-Person at Eden Hall Farmin Gibsonia, PA

Join us for a contemplative retreat around this Summer Solstice on Thursday June 20th and Friday June 21st. We will gather on the beautiful, wooded land of Eden Hall for two days of meditation, guided silent practice, and land practices. Come for both days or one day, whichever works best for you.

We will focus on simple practice and the natural world as support and guidance within the ecological loss and climate change of our times. Come be in lively contemplative community, embedded in the natural world. Our first day of deep and nourishing practice will culminate in a ceremony to honor the Summer Solstice and a communal meal.

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An Eco-Dharma Gathering

July 15th-July 24th in person in France and Online Talk Series

Retreat led by Adam Lobel and Catherine McGee
Onsite Regenerative Activism workshop by the Ulex Project with Guhyapati
Online evening presentations by Dougald Hine, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Daniel Christian Wahl, and others!

Among the ancient trees and rolling meadows of rural France, join us for a lively retreat of meditation, Earth practices, community, inquiry, and wise action. Showcasing visionary ecological-spiritual communities throughout Europe, together we will transmute eco-anxiety and grief into responsiveness, explore land-based practices, skillful environmental protection, and discover the magic of our sacred world.

We will gather with a wide range of spiritual teachers across many traditions, thought leaders, land artists, farmers, and inspiring compassionate activists during this time of climate crisis and environmental loss.

Afternoons will feature onsite workshops such as:

  • The Ulex Project with Guhyapati
  • The Work That Reconnects
  • Contemplative Land Art

Discover your EcoDharma: Provocations and Possibilities for Dharma Leaders

Residential Program
Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
Barre, MA
Dates: August 30, 2024 - Sept 4, 2024
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FIELDTRIP into the Four Fields

with Adam Lobel

Beginning September 2023!

Cultivating capacity to love this world, no matter what the next century brings. 

This is a deep dive into the Four Fields of ecological-political contemplative practice:





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How to Love your How

an easeful space offered to irrevocable hospitality

with Michael Busby and Adam Lobel

a self-paced course coming soon

Monthly River Meditation

In-Person: First Thursday of each month, 6PM ET
Point State Park, Pittsburgh

We are developing an ongoing relationship with the Ohio River—one of the most polluted rivers in the country. Through meditation and simple ritual we are listening to what the river is asking for from us, especially as a toxic petrochemical plant opens on its shores.

Gather at the fountain at the Point where the three rivers converge. Bring a cushion or camping chair.

Recent Past Events

Environmental Justice Summit

In person in Pittsburgh May 9-11

Adam will be facilitating a Bearing Witness event for Awaken Pittsburgh at Clairton Coke Works from 1:00-3:00 on May 11

More On Clairton Coke Works

Beyond Burnout and Bypass:

A Retreat for Activists in Western PA

with Adam Lobel

Hosted by Awaken Pittsburgh

Oct 14

In-person in Pittsburgh

It feels as if we have crossed a threshold, doesn't it? So much is on fire. And our own nervous systems, hearts, and bodies can become enflamed, too.

We hear a call to gather, reflect, nourish, heal, and deepen for the long road ahead.

For those protecting lands, for those working for justice, for those in service to a more beautiful world...it is time to gather and support each other in the Western PA region. 

With trauma-informed mindfulness, collective conversations, and inquiry, we are offering this support in a day of practice.

This will be a free event, offered out of thanks for your service.

Please join us and spread the word.

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Waking Up in a World on Fire:

Beyond Burnout and Bypass

Nov 4, 2023

In Person in Boston

With Adam Lobel

Amidst the smoke, fires, floods, and heat waves, we will gather to explore our inner response to global warming and ecological mutation. We will explore the "middle way" between a guilt-driven and panicked approach that leads to burnout, and an ignorant, escapist approach that leads to bypassing. 

This one-day retreat will provide unique opportunity for personal and communal inquiry into how we are holding our ecological reality. Through the power of self-reflection, open dialogue, and gentle embodiment exercises, we will support each other through the transformation from unsustainable paralysis, guilt, and overwhelm towards resilience and regenerative action.

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Earth Based Practice: Teachings of Elemental Magic

Nov 5

In person in Boston

With Adam 

This one-day retreat offers an opportunity to open the senses and re-establish our connection with the more-than-human-world.

Amidst ecological and spiritual challenges, nurturing a reciprocal relationship between humans and the living world is vital. Beneath the surface of our conscious awareness, there's an ongoing exchange with the living world. This retreat will equip you with tools to nurture this vital connection. We will work with slowing down, sensing, and sadness as part of our rich inner landscape as we attune to the elements. 

In the teachings of Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, and other contemplative methods, the living world offers ongoing communication. We will explore how such teachings of elemental magic can offer support and guidance amidst ecological crises.

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Eco-Dharma Weekend with Adam

April 28-30

Online and In-person in Chicago

Friday April 28th 

The Emotional Landscape of Ecological Loss

Saturday April 29

Earth Meditation, Earth Body: Elemental Mysticism in the Great Perfection

Sunday April 30

Open Awareness, Open Action

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Timeless: A Yearlong Journey

Online or In-Person: Begins October 2022 and gathers on solar holidays.  Join us at any time throughout the cycle.

Join us for a course to support you in creating a grounded relationship with time.

Starting in October, we'll begin a year-long gathering to ritually celebrate the eight stations of the sun: solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter days. Along the way, we'll practice into the possibilities of a sacred relationship to time within climate chaos and time-compression.

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Barrier 1: 

Working through Self-Aggression

Two Tuesdays: May 9 and May 16, 5:00-8:00pm EST

A 2 part micro-intensive facilitated by Adam Lobel. 

Live 3 hour workshops only. Sessions will not be recorded:

It's going be deep, vulnerable work.

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Meditation and Earth Spirituality

April 23


A Half-Day of Deep Practice and Teachings Online

In our half-day retreat we will explore how meditation opens to include the ecosystems in which we are embedded. Often thought of as purely about mind or psyche, meditation is also an embodied practice that plays in resonance with the calls of Earth. Such practice might become a mere distraction or escape from ecological loss and global warming. In our retreat, we will discover an earthy practice that calls us deep into being part of our planet, instead of leaving it behind. 

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Engaging Sudden and Gradual Paths

Online Feb 28-April 4

An in-depth exploration of diverse paths to freedom. With Gaylon Ferguson and Adam Lobel.

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Sunday, March 19

EcoDharma Exploration:  Love This World

Loving the full catastrophe and the many wonders of this world is a phenomenal source of joy and connection. It is also a deep well of grief and despair. We cannot avoid it.

What is an ecological spirituality that attends not only to the fantasy of a lost Garden of Eden, but is able to open to the actual planet of which we are a part?

Join Adam with One Earth Sangha

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Spacious, Vibrant, and Responsive: A Dzogchen Ecology for the Anthropocene

At the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Massachusetts

This in-person retreat will dive into the Dzogchen, or Great Perfection, exploring this tradition’s ecological practices and teachings. Integrating body, psychology, and awareness, we will practice meditation and inquire into an ecological contemplative life in the Anthropocene, our current epoch of environmental mutation, climate chaos, and loss. 


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Unregulation: A Monthlong Exploration

Online: Tuesdays, 7:00pm-8:30pm ET
October 25th-November 15th.  

In this 4-week experiential course, we explore the relationship between open awareness practice and regulated nervous systems.

We will use meditation, somatic practices, dialogue, and information sharing as our primary means of engagement. 

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PostNatural Meditation

In-Person: Sunday, October 9th, 10AM
Center for Postnatural History, Pittsburgh

Mindfulness teachings often rely upon imagery of “Nature” as the basis of meditation practices. So, what happens in a post-natural world? What happens to meditation if we can no longer access a “pure Nature,” unaffected by humans? Where do we retreat that remains untouched by wildfire, climate chaos, deforestation, extinction of animal species, or the spread of plastics? Do we need new metaphors for meditation in the anthropocene?

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