Offering learning journeys at the intersection of contemplative practices, ecodharma,

and transformative politics.

What practices respond to a mutating planet and civilizational change?


I practice at the intersections of ecologies, Buddhist meditation, transformational politics, and contemplative studies. After more than 20 years teaching Buddhist practice, I remain curious about a form of life fully attuned to the metamorphoses of our times. 

Welcome to a site dedicated to developing practices that respond to climate chaos, our civilizational-scale social impasses and open the potential for beauty within our shimmering challenges.



It is a time to love this world as our practice—to love what we are losing,
to love so fully that we let things go,
allowing space
for what's surging forth from the cracks.

love this world


Grounded in a wild love of mountains, rivers, and the more-than-human world, find support to face the devastating loss, without bypassing. Transmute ecological fear, grief, and paralysis into responsivity. Cultivating a relationship with place, explore land-based, elemental practices and skillful environmental protection.


Explore open, nimble, embodied approaches to meditation inclusive of our ecological and social dwelling. Gently refusing the restless drive for self improvement, rest free from the endless work of capitalist subjectivity and let be in naturalness.

Open Meditation


Explore contemporary and ancient theorists joining love of wisdom with care of the self and society. Themes include studies of being, subjectivity, critical social theory, Buddhism, inoperativity, biopolitics, mystical and ecological philosophy, and beyond.

Philosophy Courses


Sessions and courses with Adam bring all of these practices together. We include meditation, somatic Focusing, and guided inquiry. We begin with whatever challenges arise, and extend our curiosity to socio-historical and ecological conditions. 

Private Sessions with Adam



Each field is a place to ask questions, explore, and participate in ethical responsivity and interventions into social life:

An ecological field. Here we materially practice in place. 

A psychological field. Here we practice with psyche, subjectivity, and image. 

An awareness field. Here we practice meditation.     

An ontological field. Here we inquire into being and emptiness.

All four cohere together like an ecosystem.

Our practice is to live through, heal, and revere the fields—to love this world.

Learn more about the Four Fields


Could political practices and "spiritual" practices be a single gesture? 

Can we render our habits and certainties inoperative and open space for the unexpected?

How do we discover a primordial openness that awakens worlds?

What does it mean to live—together—fully and courageously today?

We are orienting psychological, philosophical, and meditative methods towards rendering life-destroying, dominant practices inoperative, and opening a skillful love of this world.  

This is an experiment in a spiritual form of life that goes beyond anthropocentrism, that listens to the ongoing communication of the biosphere, that metabolizes capitalist-colonialist subjectivity, that flows beyond the duality between personal and political practices. We are discovering profound, and even mystical paths that are compassionately responsive and attuned to a symbiotic, just society.