Working through


A 2 part micro-intensive facilitated by Adam Lobel.

May 9 and May 16, 5:00-8:00pm Eastern. 

Live 3 hour workshops only. Sessions will not be recorded:

It is possible to liberate patterns of self-aggression. Learn more below!

Self-aggression is one of the first barriers on the path. 

your relentless inner critic. guilt. constant judgment. comparing yourself with others. the long list of what you do wrong: you don't meditate enough. your diet is wrong. you don't manage time well. you are a fake. you're not helping enough. you are complicit in ecological destruction...

ongoing harshness. but when you try to be kind to yourself and fail, then this becomes another reason to beat yourself up...

This entire pattern of self-aggression no longer serves you.

There are methods to see it, understand it, and let the pattern of self-aggression dissolve.

In this two-part, two-week intensive course we will support each other in exploring and understanding the pattern of self-aggression through teachings and inquiry. The course will be interactive and we will do intensive work in pairs. Be prepared for deep inquiry.

It really is possible to shift this pattern. 

Importantly, we are not going to deeply transform racial, colonial, and ecological injustices if we are blocked by the barrier of reactive guilt.

And by the way, if you think that your self-aggression somehow prevents you from being an ego maniac, look again. Ego loves the ongoing self-aggression. Selflessness arises through relaxing the inner critic. And more freedom arises when the inner aggression settles, opening up space and possibilities for personal and collective freedom. 

2 three hour workshops

May 9 and May 16

with teachings, guided inquiry, and dialogue work