Seasonal Gifting 

for the Timeless journey


Offer What You Can


During registration, let us know what offerings you'd like to make for each season. 



We recognize that wealth of all kinds comes and goes with the seasons. 


Seasonal gifting is an experiment, an opportunity to figure out new-old ways to value. In this model, community members can offer seasonally to the community and to the ritual fire.

This is a form of gift economy to challenge our assumptions about the relationship between time and money, or time and value. We trust that everyone wants to give and that everyone gives differently. We trust that there will be an abundance of offering.

We've heard that squirrels only find about 20% of the nuts and acorns that they stash away each winter season. The rest are shared and discovered by the wider squirrel community. This is the model for our seasonal gift economy: offer what you can, we trust that the acorns will get around and no one will go hungry!


There are many ways to offer. Here are some ideas we've had so far:

  • you could offer your skills, superpowers, and riches to the broader community as a work trade
  • you could gift some amount of money for each ritual season
  • you could grow or gather juniper or tobacco or apples to offer ritually
  • you could help to create a  seasonal ritual in your own region
  • something we haven't imagined yet

When you register below, you'll find a form to let us know how what you'd like to give.

If you choose the option to add a monetary gift, the registration page will have an additional opportunity to make a donation. The donation can be one-time or recurring.


Before and after each ritual fire, we will invite giving. Offer what you can.